Friday, April 06, 2012


Echoes across the universe stretch out toward near infinity or true infinity, depending on your theory. Each moment changing the sound, the quality, the 'togetherness' of that distorting sound or image of what the initial creation was. Some say it is gone forever, deteriorating, dissipating, diluting. Others claim all the components of that thing--that source--that original creation are still here with us--or far away--but real and enduring. We need only gather those pieces together and place them properly. We only need a map, or a recording, or a memory of it exactly.

Even as we squash it back together, its essence dripping through our fingers and cascading down our arms--even as we go, whoops! and back up, our blunder only adding more haphazard dimension to the layers of recording---somewhere, somewhere, in THERE is the original, which we will eventually piece back together. And the moment of reassemblage becomes no moment. The sudden paradox might give us pause. Original or refurbished? Now it has history that moment of origin did not. Can it ever be the same? Was it ever the same?

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